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A selected bibliography of teacher resources compiled by Dr. Carson Phillips, Director, Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre

Websites by Category

Historic Sites of Special Interest to Educators

Anne Frank House
This website provides information about Anne Frank, the house in which she and her family hid, as well as the diary she kept while in hiding.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum
The website of the preserved, authentic memorial of Auschwitz I and II. Educational and historical information available through the website.

The Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation
This website contains information on the Center and a brief history of the Chevra Lomdei Mishnayot Beit Midrash, the only remaining synagogue in the town of Oswiecim, Poland and located just 3km from the death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Brandenburg Memorials Foundation
This website access three historic sites in Germany – the Ravensbrůck Women’s Concentration Camp Memorial, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial and Museum and the Brandenburg Documentation Centre.

Castle Hartheim Education and Memorial Centre
A killing centre in the Nazi "euthanasia" programme (Action T4) housed in Hartheim Castle.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site
This website discusses the history of the Dachau concentration camp, its activities and educational programs.

House of the Wannsee Conference
This website provides historical information about Wannsee Conference and museum located in the building today.

Mauthausen Memorial
This website offers information about the history of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp located in Austria and its educational and archival activities.

State Museum at Majdanek
This website provides historical education about the German occupation in the Lublin region of Poland during World War II. It documents the history of the concentration camp at Majdanek and the death camp in Bełżec.

Terezín (Theresienstadt) Memorial
The only institution of its kind in the Czech Republic, it commemorates the victims of the Nazi political and racial persecution during the occupation of the Czech lands in World War II. The website offers information about the museum, research and educational activities.

The Topography of Terror Foundation
Between 1933 and 1945, the central institutions of Nazi persecution and terror were located on the grounds of the present-day “Topography of Terror”museum. The website provides information on the historic site, exhibitions and collections.

Of Special Interest to Students of Holocaust History

Avalon Project at Yale Law School: The Nuremberg Trials
The Nuremberg Trials website provides extensive documentation about the Nuremberg Trials.

The Holocaust Chronicle
This not for profit project website contains every word and image that appear in the print edition of The Holocaust Chronicle, published by in April 2000.

Justiz und NS-Verbrechen/Nazi Crimes on Trial
This website provides extensive information, in both English and German, about the judgments of Nazi trials.

Video Archives/Survivor Testimony

Azrieli Foundation Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program
This website offers downloadable versions of Holocaust survivor memoirs published by the Azrieli Foundation. Available in English and French, large or regular font size.

Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
This website offers information about the archive at Yale University that has a collection of over 3,800 videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust. Also included is a catalog and research guide to the archive and a list of edited video programs available for loan to schools and community groups.

IWitness: One Voice at a Time
Over 1,300 video testimonies from the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive are available for educators to use. Includes multimedia activities, and digital resources.

Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
This is the website of the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, founded by Steven Spielberg. It is dedicated to interviewing and archiving the testimonies of survivors, rescuers, and liberators of the Holocaust.

“Voices of the Holocaust” page of the British Library
Listen to the testimonies of Holocaust survivors. Choose from the six topics to find out about personal experiences during the Holocaust.

Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education

Centropa is a Jewish historical institute dedicated to preserving 20th century Jewish family stories from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
This website offers an extensive collection of educational and scholarly material on human rights, antisemitism, genocide and the Holocaust.

Facing History and Ourselves
Facing History's work is based on the premise of teaching civic responsibility, tolerance, and social action to young people, as a way of fostering moral adulthood.

Jewish Foundation for the Righteous
This website offers information about the role of rescuers during the Holocaust including educational material created by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.

Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation
This website tells the story of Jewish partisans who fought back against the Nazis. It contains video-based interviews with Jewish partisans, study guides, and other educational materials.

Projet Aladin: Holocaust A Call to Conscience
Historical information about the Holocaust provided in English, French, Arabic Persian, and Turkish.

Holocaust Museums and Research Centres

Centre for Holocaust Education
The Centre plays a leading role in Holocaust Education and works closely with partner organisations in the field both nationally and internationally. It supports the work of other institutions through disseminating research findings, evaluating projects, and providing advice and consultancy on pedagogical approaches.

Ghetto Fighters' House: Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum
The Ghetto Fighters' House: Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum's website contains information about the museum located in Western Galilee, Israel. Along with information about the museum, there is also access to the library, archives and the Museum's education program.

Mémorial de la Shoah
Extensive information available in both English and French about the documentation centre, pedagogical activities and exhibitions of the museum.

Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre
This website offers information in English and French about the exhibitions, activities and educational programs of the museum.

Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust
The website provides access to archival collections documented online, as well as information about educational activities and exhibitions.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The USHMM’s website provides information about the Museum's exhibits, programs and educational activities. An extensive on-line resource of Holocaust materials.

Yad Vashem
This website provides information about events at Yad Vashem including their pedagogical resources, archival collection and current activities and programs.

The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
This website provides information on exhibitions and programs about Holocaust and Genocide history at the Museum. It also provides educational tools to teach universal lessons about combating hatred, prejudice and indifference.

Fundamental Reading

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Weinberg, Gerhard L. “The World Through Hitler’s Eyes,” in Germany, Hitler, and World War II: Essays in Modern German and World History. UK: Cambridge University Press, 1995, pages 30–53. Print.

PRISM: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educators
A peer-reviewed annual journal launched by Yeshiva University. Each issue examines a specific topic through a variety of lenses, including education, history, literature, poetry, psychology and art. May be downloaded in PDF format directly from the website.

Apps for Holocaust Education
Developed by NOUS Knowledge Management; last updated November 2012; available in English and German.

JewishVienna – Between the Museums
Developed by Wiener Digital Manufaktur; last updated November 2013; available in English and German.

Montreal Holocaust Museum
Developed by Tristan Interactive; last updated January 2014; available in English and French.

Oshpitzin: A Guide to the Jewish History of Oświęcim
Developed by Me & My Friends; last updated August 2014; available in English, German, Hebrew and Polish.

70 Voices
Developed by the Holocaust Education Trust; released January 2015; available in English.

Developed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; released September 2014; available in English.